Data Protection

The most effective way to minimize the lost from any attack or failure is a complete backup plan. Backup is extremely important in data protection. Backup plan included backup set management, regular checking, disaster recovery plan. To ensure fast recovery and back to normal operation in the lowest downtime.

Backup Plan

Different backup media types have different capacity and characteristics. Such as external hard drives, USB storage, that provide large capacity and mobility. User can copy file as backup easily. To prevent data lose from missing the media, encryption or password can be deploy.

Network Attached Storage integrate high speed, large storage and flexibility for storing virtual machine or system image backup. Advance Backup model such as incremental or differential backup can improve the possibility of data restore.

New cloud storage space, easy to achieve offsite backup. Backup set store to other places, and no interconnection with internal network. Effectively prevent data lost from physical server issue or office location.

Backup Set Management

Network device setup and configuration such as router, switch, network printer etc. For easy manage and performance improvement, we assist advanced network setting such as Quality of Service, Virtual LAN.

Backup Media

Backup to different medias, can effectively prevent the data loss from different accidents. External hard drives, USB storage, network storage, etc., are common backup media in consumer market.