Server Support

Server provide different types of service and feature and become very important for your business operation. However, how to choose the most suitable hardware and server? How to complete the configuration to meet the requirement? How to fullfill license agreement?

Build, Setting, Deployment

First of all, select the best option for server hardware base on function and service, usage, location, budget, future expand etc. Build and Configure the operation system. Test run and simulate to ensure fast and success deployment

Type of Server

To fit for your need, we are able to provide different form factor of server, such as Tower, Rack. Also, Network Attached Storage device as server that suitable for SME first storage server and other services.

Regular Server Maintenance

To ensure server operation porperly after deployment, regular maintenance is extremely important. Dust cleaning, detail server offline checking to improve the stablility. Additional, we offer support service to troubleshoot and configuration adjustment to improve the efficiency

Life Cycle

Each hardware will reduce stability over time. Also, Manufacturer may stop providing support for obsoleted products either hardware or software. The scheduling of Upgrading system can ensure the stability of server operation and receive official update and supporting services.