Computer Security Policy

Nowadays, high usage of computer and internet may cause different potential security issue. For example, virus, malware, ransomware, hacking. These kinds of issues can cause a huge damage and lost for anyone. As the result, protection and precaution action cannot be ignored.

Improve Server and IT Security

Active Anti-Virus software can provide protection from virus attack. We recommended to install it for servers, workstations, mobile device etc. Also, complex password, password expiry, multi-fact authentication to prevent unauthorized user access

Network Security

Hardware firewall as a line of defense. The Internet is already an indispensable tool for today, web browsing, E-mail, Online banking, electronic customs and so on, all need Internet connection. So that, the defense of the Internet is more and more important. Hardware firewall able to block the attack, provide monitoring data, status of data transmission and recorded for analysis.